LEMCA EXPO 2018,to be held on 5,6,7th Oct 18
Please contact for pavilion/stall booking: SUDHIR-9839057807 Arun-- 9415004541 Dinesh-9415007311

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  1. To secure the recognition of the Association by the State Government, the District Authorities the State Electricity Board including the Hydel Department etc. and representation on any Board or Committee set up by the Government from time to time in connection with the electrical trade.
  2. To consolidate and affiliate with U. P. Electric Contractors and Merchants Association existing in the State.
  3. To maintain and safeguard the interests of members of the Association and also to find out ways and means for the betterment of their prospects.
  4. To raise the economic and social status of members of the Association.
  5. To inculcate the feeling of brotherhood and the spirit of cooperation amongst all members of the Association.
  6. To seek redress of the grievances of the members of the Association by representing their cases to the authorities concerned on district level and State level through the Provincial Association.
  7. To combat and fight against the evils and illegal works detrimental to the interest of the members of the Association.
  8. (a)  To promote efficiency, just and honourable dealings
    (b)  To suppress malpractices in the profession.
    (c)  To ensure observance of rules and regulations.
    (d)  To enforce personal code of conduct and higher ethics in the business.
  1. To settle disputes amicably, if any, amongst the members of the Association or with outsiders If they so desire by arbitration or other constitutional means.
  2. To accept gifts or donations etc. of any nature whatsoever.
  3. To acquire, finance or to run any monthly paper or Magazine or to publish diary, directory etc. in the interest of the Association.
  4. To organize exhibitions and lectures, run institutions and do all that is possible to educate the consumers and merchants/contractors for the proper use of electricity and the measures of safeguard against accidents.
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